Staging Your Fort Bend County Home for Sale … A Feast for the Senses

The importance of “staging” your Fort Bend County home for sale can’t be stressed enough, as I emphasize to my Sugar Land Real Estate clients. Basic staging (neutralizing, simplifying and highlighting) removes distractions and helps potential homebuyers imagine themselves in the home; the next level makes homebuyers feel like they are home.

This level of staging is subliminal… appealing to the subconscious by triggering warm, friendly and familiar memories through smell, sound and sight. And if done right, it’s unnoticed.

First and foremost, a home must smell clean. That deep cleaning you gave your home to prepare it for sale will also improve its scent profile. That said, avoid leaving the house smelling too clean, reeking of ammonia, bleach or any other strong-scented cleaner.

Often overlooked, music can literally set the stage for your homeselling performance. The music should be geared to your target audience… not yours. For example, if you’re selling a condo in a trendy area of a large city, you might want to play something that would suit that lifestyle. Remember, you’re not only selling a property, you’re selling a way of life.

Of course, you’re never going to appeal to everyone, so a safe rule of thumb is to keep the music fairly neutral. You can’t go too wrong with light classical, jazz or lounge/chill-out music.

The right lighting can make any room look larger, airier and more pleasing. It can be dramatic, draw attention to points of interest, and make a big difference in how homebuyers perceive your home. Plus, it’s a pretty inexpensive form of staging compared to reflooring or recarpeting.

Types of house lighting:

  • General — lighting your home for day-to-day functionality
  • Accent — highlighting and drawing attention to details
  • Task — illuminating specific areas or things to enhance their usability
  • Ambient — hiding the source of light to wash a room with a glow
  • Aesthetic — emphasizing space through artistic lighting
  • Natural — focusing through sunlight, candlelight and firelight

Staging is just one of the many services I offer my clients. Visit my Sugar Land Real Estate website (, and then let’s discuss the many ways I can help you get the best return on your investment when selling your Fort Bend County home.