How to Make Your Fort Bend County Final Home Walk-through a Stroll in the Park

You’ve found your Fort Bend County final home, agreed on a price with the seller, gotten your inspections done, finalized your loan, and set the escrow closing date. Whew!  You’re still not finished, however; we at Sugar Land Real Estate believe that though it’s the last thing you do in the process of buying a home, the “final walk-through” is one of the most important.

Final walk-throughs are not home inspections, and they’re certainly not a time to begin negotiations with the seller to do repairs or satisfy new demands. A final walk-through (usually performed the day before closing) is an inspection to ensure that the property is in the condition you agreed to buy, that agreed-upon repairs (if any) were made, and that nothing has gone wrong with the home since you last saw it.

As such, you’ll need to schedule sufficient time (around an hour) to perform a thorough final walk-through. And because it’s easy to forget things… small and large… in the heat of this much-anticipated moment, a few minutes spent creating a check list can save hours, days or even weeks (not to mention money) on future repairs.

□ Inspect the exterior (roof, siding, shutters, etc.) for changes since signing the purchase agreement

□ Check the grounds (is the landscaping the same as when you made the offer?)

Interior Rooms (general)
□ Inspect for physical damage (dings, gouges or scuffs) that the seller may have left when moving

□ Inspect for “new” water damage (stains, dampness, soft spots)

□ Check the cleanliness of any carpets

□ Make sure closets are empty

□ Make sure there’s no trash or debris left behind

□ Check that the seller removed all personal property

□ If there’s an automatic garage door opener, make sure all remotes are accounted for

□ Make sure the owner’s manuals for all major appliances are accounted for

Buying a home in Fort Bend County (like anywhere else) can be trying, but the rewards are well worth it. Visit my Sugar Land Real Estate website ( and let me show you how to make sure your next home is, indeed, the home of your dreams.