How to Improve “Curb Appeal” When Selling Your Sugar Land Home

When selling your Sugar Land house, you only get to make one first impression, and that first impression is the outside of your residence. A lot of home-buyers decide if they’ll even look inside based on its curb appeal — the impression it makes from the street.

In fact, homes with good curb appeal often sell faster since they convey character, warmth and welcome. Unfortunately, capturing those feelings isn’t as easy as you’d think. It’s difficult to look at your place in the same way as a buyer; you’re too accustomed to the way it looks, blind to its short-comings and faults.

So, the first thing you need to do to create curb appeal is eliminate distractions by cleaning and repairing the property.

• Eliminate mold, mildew and other stains on the house, sidewalks, roof and driveway.
• Pressure wash dirty siding and dingy decks.
• Clean windows and gutters.
• Keep the lawn mowed and edged, the leaves raked, and the walkways and driveway free of weeds.
• Trim tree limbs that are unruly or touching the roof.

And while fresh paint and landscaping provide excellent return on investment, they aren’t your only decorating options. Here are a few often overlooked enhancements:

• House numbers. Big, bold house numbers can have a huge impact. Echo your home style in the numbers you choose — industrial for a modern house, tiles for a Spanish house, rustic for a ranch home, hand-painted for a cottage, etc.

• Front door. A front door that pops can be very welcoming and give a plain exterior a lot of personality. Whether it’s hip and modern steel, crafted wood, combination wood and glass, or a fresh coat of bold paint, a door can set the tone for the entire house.

• Accessories. A dramatic door knocker, fresh porch furniture (a pair of matching rockers, Adirondack chairs or a cozy glider), upgraded lighting, and/or a boldly colored planter or mailbox work wonders for an entrance that stands out from the street.

• Flowers. Especially during spring and summer, take advantage of the season by planting flower beds, boxes and pots. Planting the flowers in planter boxes and pots is easier than planting them in the ground and lets you more easily place them where they can have the most visual impact.

• Exterior lighting. In many ways, showing a house at night can be more effective than during the day … with the proper lighting. Strategic lighting allows the seller to accent features such as landscaping and other design elements, while at the same time over-shadow (figuratively and literally) weaknesses.

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