Home Buying Tips — Finding the Best Sugar Land Real Estate Agent

Want to buy a Sugar Land home? The first thing you should do is select a buyer’s agent … the individual that represents you, the buyer, when you purchase a home. This type of real estate agent negotiates with “listing” agents (representing home-sellers) to come to the final sale terms and price.

Why use a buyer’s agent when anyone can shop for a house, even get a peek inside, without formally signing on with an agent?

  1. It’s free to the buyer. Some people think they’re saving money by not using a buyer’s agent, but in most cases it’s just the opposite … the commission is usually paid by the seller and having a buyer’s agent gives you more negotiating power.
  1. MLS. As a member of a multiple listing service (MLS), your buyer’s agent has full access to the MLS listings database. Once your requirements and price range are established, she/he can use the full power of the database to help find your dream home.
  1. Time. A buyer’s agent spends a lot of her/his time previewing homes and staying familiar with current listing inventories. This knowledge saves you from wasting time previewing homes that don’t meet your needs.
  1. Paperwork. From writing up the offer, to reviewing seller disclosures, to filling out escrow instructions, to reviewing title work and closing documents … it’s reassuring to have a trained professional by your side to handle the paperwork and answer questions.
  1. Access to a network of professionals. As part of her/his job, a buyer’s agent develops relationships with home inspectors, contractors, mortgage lenders, title companies, and tax and legal advisors, knowing who performs well and who consistently underperforms.

Now that you understand how a Sugar Land realtor can save you money, time and aggravation, what do you look for in a good buyer’s agent?

  • Someone who is patient, compassionate, a good listener, and a problem-solver; someone dedicated to figuring out what the buyer wants and delivering it.
  • Someone who loves showing homes, understands how homes are constructed, and knows how to make improvements that boost value.
  • Someone who is organized and detail oriented, and who possesses excellent follow up and keen insight (and instinct) for the rock-bottom price a seller may accept.
  • Someone who is friendly, gracious, polite and professional, well respected by her/his peers.
  • Someone who knows the neighborhood and its perception in the greater community, and has an intimate knowledge of past and present inventory.

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