How to Evaluate Schools Before Buying a Home in Sugar Land

As you make your list of considerations for buying a Sugar Land home, the quality of the schools should be high on that list.  Even if you don’t have children, a highly rated school district can add value to a home.  Fortunately, the Sugar Land area is served by the Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) and adjacent Fulshear, Richmond and Rosenberg by the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (LCISD) — both Texas Education Agency (TEA)-rated Recognized Districts (

Still, school quality is comprised of many elements, not all of which are measurable and applicable to all children and families. In addition to the measurable elements (which you can find at the FBISD website,, and the LCISD website,,  and compare at independent websites such as and, parents should take the following elements into consideration.

The Family — Family values are at the core of many family-based decisions, including schools.  Aside from practical considerations like transportation (and if considering private schools, tuition costs), maintaining close ties with your personal community (neighbors, family and house of worship) can be critical.

The Child — No two children are identical (even identical twins), and neither are their needs.  Parents should take into consideration their child’s personality, learning style, and any special needs (disabilities, gifted abilities, language proficiency, special interests, etc.).  Does the child require the structure of a traditional school setting or the opportunity to explore and take a more personalized approach to learning? Does the child learn best with significant one-on-one instruction and or thrive in group settings? Does the child have a special interest (such as mathematics, music or science) that would benefit from a school which focuses on those interests in its regular curriculum and/or after-school programs?

The School — Just as no two children are identical, neither are any two schools … even in the same district.  School calendar, curriculum, disciplinary policies, facilities, family involvement, instructional approach, philosophy, reputation, resources, safety and transparency can make the difference between a good and a great learning experience … for both the child and the family.

One of the best ways to evaluate a school is through firsthand experience … which means visiting the school to see the teaching and learning, and experience the climate and culture.  Are the students interested in what’s going on? Are they respectful of the teacher and of each other? Are the students given the opportunity to ask questions and voice their opinions or are they primarily learning from rote memorization and, if the former, are they expected to support their perspectives?  Are students given the  opportunity to work collaboratively or do they work primarily alone? Are the students actively engaged and stimulated by their work?  Are the teachers enthusiastic?  Can you see your child thriving in this setting?

Once you’ve considered these elements and determined your and your child’s requirements, there’s no better sounding board than your Sugar Land real estate agent.  Visit my website and let’s discuss how I can help you realize your family’s educational needs with the right neighborhood and the right home.