How to Choose a Sugar Land Neighborhood

What are the three most important things to consider when buying a Sugar Land home? Location, location, location! You’ve heard this cliché 1,000 times, but that makes it no less valid … the house of your dreams can become a nightmare if it’s not in the right neighborhood.

Of course, you need to find a home that physically satisfies your requirements, but you can always remodel to fit those requirements … you can’t change a neighborhood. So, how do you choose the right Sugar Land community? In the words of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, “It’s always best to start at the beginning …” so begin by asking yourself these questions:

What kind of commute do I want? Do you plan to drive (how much time behind the wheel?), take mass transit (is it available and are there transfers involved?) or walk (are there bad-weather options) to work?

Do I want to live in an older neighborhood or new development? Older neighborhoods often have lots of character, but the homes can require some TLC. Newer developments have more modern features, but are typically far from the city center.

What’s my current neighborhood lacking? What do you find yourself wishing for most often when you say, “I sure wish we had … “?

What “don’t” I want in a neighborhood? What are your personal “hot-button” issues (noise, congestion, parking, privacy, etc.)? Avoid locations where they’ll be a problem … you’ll never get used to them and they won’t go away.

Do I want the ability to travel by foot? Would you like to be within walking distance of shops, restaurants and bars? Or, are you good with driving to nearby businesses?

Do I care about schools? Even if children are not in the picture, a neighborhood with a highly sought school system raises property value.

How far is the nearest school, park, house of worship or hospital? In the case of a neighborhood, distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder; it gets old fast … and can even be dangerous.

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions and determined your requirements, there’s no better way to match them with Sugar Land neighborhoods and homes than with a Sugar Land real estate agent. Visit my website  and let’s discuss how I can help you find the neighborhood and home that best suit your needs.