When is the Best Time to Sell Your Sugar Land Home?

April showers bring more than May flowers — they bring the beginning of the peak home selling season, spring … at least, according to common real estate industry wisdom.  The reality, however, is that the best time to sell your home has regional as well as strategic considerations, and selling a Sugar Land home is the perfect example.

Many Sugar Land real estate agents feel that the time between Super Bowl Sunday and Easter Sunday is best time to sell a home.  Yes, the school year is an important consideration for sellers and buyers, but in the case of the Greater Houston area, weather can be just as important.

Let’s start with the basics; summer in Sugar Land is hot; the average high temperature is 92 degrees.  Yes, most homes and vehicles in Texas are air conditioned, but getting in and out of cars, exploring yards, and checking out garages can take their toll on buyers.   February through April (Super Bowl Sunday and Easter Sunday),  on the other hand, boasts a comfortable average high of 72.3 degrees.  Plus, the cool and wet weather that graces February through April makes maximizing your landscaping as easy as it is inexpensive.

That said, summer does have its advantages, but those advantages can be a double-edged sword.  As mentioned, families like to have their home-buying and moving done before the new semester begins, so there are a lot of motivated buyers in the market … along with a lot of motivated sellers (often as many as double the usual listings).  This heightened competition means that a home for sale during summer has to be twice as attractive as it would otherwise need to be during other months of the year to stand out from the available inventory … not to mention the seller needing to be twice as willing to negotiate on price and closing terms to sell his/her home.

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule, and listing a home in Sugar Land during the winter can work to a seller’s advantage.  Winter is the holiday season; homes are often warmly decorated and freshly cleaned for holiday entertaining … making staging a home much less of an ordeal.  Also, while there are fewer buyers (and fewer looky-loos), there are also fewer competitors, which means buyers will be less likely to waste time haggling over closing issues and you may get a better price for your home.  And while spring/summer buying seasons might be partially fueled by tax rebates, the winter buying season might be similarly influenced by year-end tax deduction considerations if the buyer wants to claim a mortgage deduction that year.

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